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Getting personal with it: snippets from the lituation at my girl Mim's birthday party last weekend.


Musings on Mains

Thoughts on black hip hop & grime in fashion...

The rise in inclusivity over the past few years has definitely been slow, but fairly steady. We went from doing our own thing with FUBU to clamouring for Versace Versace Versace and stacking $10,000 watches on champagne bottles for da gram, synonymizing Eurocentric labels with a certain strain of in-your-face wealth and success, common sense be damned. Today, Rocky's collaborating with Guess and Skep's new line Mains is Selfridges-exclusive.

With Wizkid's [very small] feature on Vogue last year, it looks like Afrobeats too has finally 'made the cut' years after its first explosion into the Western mainstream. Big up, Blackness, but I feel like there's still too much emphasis on being accepted by the big, mostly white names. It's like we've gone from dancing outside the club because we couldn't get in and having the most fun regardless, to racing for the crack in the door they've left open, vying for approval like the key to our self-actualisation is somehow in their hands.

"Where would Yeezy be without Adidas, amirite?"

Ironically, Mains rebukes this very notion with its minimalist logo and even more understated designs; a wake up call for our label-hungry, if-you-can't-tell-where-I-got-it-I-don't-want-it generation, all while preaching the universality of the tracksuit. Two things I can totally get behind. Take my money, Skeppy (in the sale though, not on that RRP level just yet and I have zero shame in it lol).

photography courtesy of Selfridges/Mains London


Technicolour Dreamcoat

Keep calm and peep these pictures from the set of Georgiana Ghetiu's fashion film that I styled and produced, featuring the dreamiest, most political* fur coat by MSOA fashion grad Bethan Currie - a small sign of life after my two-month blogger coma. I'd say it's back to the regular schedule but you know as well as I do that means absolutely nothing. Onward!

photography by your fave

*It says "no more nukes" on the back, in line with the 70s peace camp theme of her fantastic graduate collection, "Nuke Kid on the Block."

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