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Not a photo diary, not yet a digitorial - this is the story of a carefully-crafted visual narrative happily discarded seconds into the shoot because the model was giving so much life, unfiltered.

Meet Kamile, a fourteen-year-old British-Lithuanian model newly signed to Maverick Models. Shot on Wednesday August 10 (possibly the closest I have ever published anything online to when it happened IRL*), this was an afternoon full of firsts for us both. She was having her first run of meetings with Maverick that day, making this her first shoot as an agency-represented model. And this was the first time I'd had an underage model pose for me whilst not being underage myself and not having known them personally for an extended period of time. It wasn't much different to shooting models over eighteen, really - except her father was present, a pleasant non-intrusive addition to the crew.

I no longer remember the concept I intended to orchestrate with her, but it paled in comparison to just capturing her easy smiles and adorable personality, whenever I was in focus**, as I tried to match her sharp wit and quirky sense of humour. Our cheeks hurt like hell in the best way, our feet in the worst, after the three-hour (!!!) fandango that felt more like half an hour.
Who'd have thought that when I first received the e-mail from her four days prior out of the blue, I was half-certain I was being cat-fished by a maniacal sadist out for blood? Not the countless passersby who stared at us in wonder and/or disgust as we giggled from Piccadilly to Longsight and back like skiving schoolgirls, that's for sure.

From strangers deliberately walking into the shot only to eye us like we were intruding (why do people do this?), to being attacked by bees, caterpillars and a flock of pigeons trying to take Kam's eye out, there was never a dull moment.

Thank you for reaching out, Kamile. You and your dad made my week.


Model - Kamile (Maverick Models)
Photographer - yours truly

*Anybody waiting on that now-mythical Lisbon visual diary knows all too well that my turnover used to be quite terrible so, achievement.

**Note to self: normal people don't start out shooting manual. You aren't there yet, boo-boo, clearly.


  1. Love this post!! The model and photographs are stunning. You both did an incredible job :)
    Cannot wait to see more of this in the future ;)

  2. Thank you, Mo! Super excited to be shooting again, can't wait to share xx


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