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#ManchesterFW Pandorella SS16

Pandorella by Karina So. at FashionE Manchester Fashion Week for Ses Rêveries

Easily one of the most adorable fashion shows I've ever seen, children's wear label Pandorella picked right up from where Fashion Pony left off with embellished gloves, floppy hats and big, bright dresses en masse.


#ManchesterFW Fashion Pony SS16

Fashion Pony by Karina So. at FashionE Manchester Fashion Week 2016 for Ses Rêveries

With the first show of the season, online retailer Fashion Pony had a lot riding on their shoulders Monday night.


#ManchesterFW Catwalk Directory

Manchester Fashion Week 2016 by Karina So. for Ses Rêveries

The official directory for all FashionE Manchester Fashion Week 2016 runway show reviews on Ses Rêveries.

Opening Night Couture - May 24

1. Fashion Pony
2. Pandorella
3. She Shore (review coming soon)
4. Junq Couture (review coming soon)
5. Fiyah Jewllery (review coming soon)
6. Wardrobe Boutique (review coming soon)
7. Pascaline Couture (review coming soon)
8. Shan Clothing Club (review coming soon)
9. My Common Goods (review coming soon)

Emerging Talent - May 25

1. HH Feluna (review coming soon)
2. Fashion By Marita (review coming soon)
3. Nooshin (review coming soon)
4. Saffiyyah (review coming soon)
5. Yvonne Yvette (review coming soon)
6. Poetic Style (review coming soon)
7. Karen Corson (review coming soon)

Check back soon for the updated links.

photography by me


#ManchesterFW Emerging Talent Night

Jenny Powell by Karina So. for Ses Rêveries at Manchester Fashion Week 2016

If the first night of catwalk shows at Manchester Fashion Week was the adventurous appetiser on the menu you thought you'd never try before, the second night was the decadent main course and caramelised dessert neatly packaged in a designer to-go bag with a complimentary bottle of their finest wine.


Playlist: Unwind with Nineties Kanye

Fashion week may not be over yet but, after five hours of nonstop walking and standing in four-inch heels today, my feet are already out for the count.

#ManchesterFW Opening Night Couture

Natalie in She Shore by Karina So. for Ses Rêveries at Manchester Fashion Week 2016

Tucked away in one of Deansgate's prettier backstreets, no doubt unbeknownst to the starving artists and struggling musicians attracted to its affordable bar scene like bees to a honey pot come happy hour, Manchester Fashion Week 2016 kicked off at the Castlefield Rooms with a modest bang on Monday.


Catch Up 22

Catch Up 22
It's the "what I've been up to/into whilst my blog suffered in my absence" list that in no way excuses or explains why I've been away, in no particular order.

Let us begin now with the cow...
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