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One Way or Another

April 8, 2017

Before you go any further, it is of the utmost importance that you click this link. It explains exactly why I was super excited to cast Cynthia Pratama in my first editorial shoot of the year as fauxtographer - you know, among other things like her flawless porcelain skin* and dreamy street-minimalist wardrobe. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. I've been out of the photography game for the longest for tragic personal reasons, falling in with the phonography crew as result, so I'm sure you're wondering how my trusty Samsung phone pulled this off.

Well, it didn't. I got myself a new baby, y'all, and his name is Tony Park.

Like most new celebrity couples who keep their whirlwind romance out of the public eye until they realise they're not relevant anymore and get caught swapping spit in the outside seating area of their local cafe, I've sheltered Tony since the day he landed in my loving hands right outside London's Canonbury station on the 19th of February around 17:00. He was adopted from a very loving home, his mother being one of my all-time favourite influencers and creative raison d'être since 2013. That he took most if not all of the photographs that helped earn her that title makes me want to cry, it's that inspiring. But can we have a moment for the clarity? I don't even feel guilty for putting Jarvis on blast like this with the comparison. Each orgiastic click of Tony's shutter produces crisp imagery like I've never known. Really, the only thing stopping me from creating magic is me. Not a shitty processor or grain at ISO400, just me and my imagination. I feel like a new woman, and this liberation is spilling over into all aspects of my life.

Prepare for incoming 'extra' behaviour all year round, honey.


Model - Cynthia Pratama
Hair stylist, make-up artist - Drew Suleman
Creative director, photographer, stylist - Sum Yung Ho
Karina So Cynthia Pratama Ses Reveries Manchester Fashion Stylist London Editorial Commercial Leeds

*Random aside but skin has been a major buzzword for me lately because I recently came to the conclusion that it holds the key to my happiness in this life and all the ones that follow. Too dramatic? You clearly don't have adult acne.




Karina So Ses Reveries Manchester Fashion Stylist London Editorial Commercial Leeds

A bit of context: we shot these at 12:30 yesterday and Rachel had these bad boys edited and sent out by 20:00 last night.
As in, less than four hours after we wrapped. Turnover goals.


Chanel Joan Elkayam

Remind me, have I introduced you to Chanel Joan Elkayam, my collaborator turned boss turned really good friend who invited me to work on her show at London Fashion Week* in February?


House of Ghetto

Really want to catch this exhibition on House of Ghetto, one of Manchester's Vogue Houses which apparently includes a film by Amy Watson & Dennis Keighron-Foster alongside a series of stylised portraits like the one above by Cornel Simons.


Video Diary: Beyond the Tides

Stalk in sixty seconds: an Instagram/dwindling attention span-friendly vlog from behind the scenes of that editorial shoot I styled in Rhyl last summer, literally thrown together under two hours (so forgive accordingly) and set to the dramatic, remixed sounds of Rihanna's Goodnight Gotham.

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